Poppins Fantasy Summertime
Mary Poppins openedfrom Gershwin’s
On Broadway in 2004opera Porgy and Bess,1935
10:59 m. 3:00m.
Somewhere Send in the Clowns
From Bernstein’s West Side Story
Staged in 1957
2:53 m.
from Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music, 1973
Think of Me Hello Young Lovers
From Andrew LloydRogers & Hammerstein
Webber’s mega-hitfrom King and I, 1956
Phantom of the Opera 4:37
Staged in 1986
4:31 m.
Just for fun
Girl in 14G
Comedic number incorporating
Opera and jazz, complete with costume, set and shtick
4:18 m.
Minute Waltz
Chopin’s famous waltz with words!
Comedic number as recorded by
Barbara Streisand
2:00 m.
Art is Calling Me
Victor Herbert’s Comedic number
From the Operetta
The Enchantress
4:02 m.